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The Pavilion

in Heritage Park, Taguig

An architectural marvel incorporating classical Asian design and other elements resulting in a structure that is in complete harmony with nature and its surroundings, The Heritage Park’s Pavilion promises to provide its visitors with a completely new memorialization experience.

No expense or effort has been spared to ensure that The Pavilion conforms to the strict requirements of Feng Shui beliefs and practices. Be assured of a truly harmonious and tranquil stay with each visit. Savour a breathtaking view of the entire Park only at The Pavilion’s outdoor niches. Experience harmony with nature when you choose from any of the 18 levels of granite niches spanning the entire breadth of the structure.

For a truly unique and unforgettable memorialization experience come and see The Pavilion today.

Disclaimer: The sole purpose of this is for announcement and general information of Heritage Park.