Bundled Lot and Plan in Heritage Park

What does it mean when your sales agent told you that lot and service plan are now bundled? Heritage Park new policy in acquiring lot is that you are mandatory to get any pre-need plan (services) which they call it bundled. To make it simpler 1:1 / 1 lot : 1 plan. 

There are three (3) types of Lots ; lawn , garden and estate while there are three (3) kinds of services (pre-need plan) : Cremation Packages / Mortuary Packages (Wake) and Interment Packages (Burial). Below are example scenarios to further explain the bundle.

Scenario 1: 

A Client wants to buy full-package for two that he/she will no longer worry about the burial in the future.

Agent will recommended a lawn lot (good for two (2) full bodies , 1st and 2nd Interment) and will bundle it with interment plan RUBY (1st and 2nd depth interment with marker “lapida”.

Scenario 2: 

A Client is interested to buy a Garden Lot (good for sixteen (16 full bodies , 1st and 2nd Interment) for his/her family. The Client has limited budget and expressed that he/she considering cremation services. 

Agent will offer cremation then viewing package ROSE (standard cremation mortuary package) with payterm 5-yrs quarterly payment or Interment Package TOPAZ (1st depth with vault cremains interment ) with 1-yr semi-annual payterm.

Scenario 3: 

A Client will buy an Estate Lot thus interment packages is not applicable to him/her. 

Agent will offer mortuary and/or cremation packages.

The good thing having a pre-need plan is that it lesser the burden of the family when the time comes. Having pre-need plans means planning and thus making you ready and protected when the inevitable comes.

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  1. Modesta delos Santos

    Is it possible or advantage if will get a plan (casket with cremation) if the place is in Laguna?

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