FAQ : Interments , Burial Permits and Transfer of Bones & Cremains

Common questions asked about Interments in The Heritage Park, Taguig City (read more)

Question 1:

I want to exhume and transfer my Grandfather’s remains from Cemetery A in province to Heritage Park, Taguig. What documents should I secure ?


Requirements for exhumation and transfer (Bones & Cremains)

1. Secure Death Certificate from Municipality or City the death is registered.
2. Secure Exhumation Permit from Municipality or City where the decedent was interred.
3. Secure Transfer Permit from point origin to Taguig, Metro Manila.
4. Coordinate with the Cemetery where the remains will be exhumed, pay Exhumation Fees & submit copy of documents indicated in 1, 2 & 3.
5. Prepare Schedule of Exhumation & Transfer of remains. (point of origin to Heritage Park, Taguig)

Question 2:

How to secure burial permit from Taguig?


Requirements in securing the Burial Permit/s in Taguig

1. Death Certificate of the decedent.
2. Exhumation Permit form the point of origin. (for Transfer only)
3. Transfer Permit/s from point of Origin to Heritge Park, Taguig (For Transfer Only)

Burial Permit/s Process

1. Go to Taguig City Hall – Civil Registrar
2. Present the Death Certificate / Exhumation Permit / Transfer Permit (Bring Original and Photocopies)
3. Pay Burial Permit/s fee at the Cashier (Php230)
4. Go back to Civil Registrar Window present the Burial Permit Receipt.
5. The Burial Permit Receipt (Original) will serve as the Burial Permit to be presented/submitted to Heritage Park, Taguig.

Question 3:

I have a lot in Heritage Park, Taguig and we will use it for the interment of my Grand father who recently passed away. How should I schedule the burial and what are the required documents?


Requirements for Internment: (The Heritage Park)

1. Original Investment Certificate
2. Photo copy of valid Government Issued ID of the certificate holder/Owner
3. Letter of Authority from the Owner if the Owner is not available
    3.1. Authority Form will be given by The Heritage Park , Internment Department
    3.2  Authorized representative must submit  valid Gov’t Issued ID
4. Owner will sign the usage of the property indicated in the Internment Information Sheet
    4.1 Interment Information Sheet will be given by The Heritage Park , Internment Department.
    4.2 If the Owner is the decedent, the immediate member of the family will transact with
          The Heritage Park, provided they will submit to us the proof of their relationship to the
          decedent e.g Mariage Contract , Birth certificate etc.
5. Payment of Interment fees at least 3 days before the interment date.
6. Fill up Interment Information Sheet, one (1) copy per remain.
7. Secure Burial Permit/s from the municipality of Taguig, One (1) permit per remain.
8. Submit Burial Permit/s (original) and Death Certificate/s to the Heritage Park one (1) day before the Interment date.

Question 4:

Is tent and chairs included in the Interment Package?

Answer :

Yes ,  two (2) tents included, twenty (20) chairs and carpet grass.

Question 5:

Do Heritage Park have a pre-need interment package plan ?

Answer :

Yes, Heritage Park has pre-need package plans for Interments. (Click here for rates)
Please get in touch with our agents so they could explain and assist you. 
**Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice**

Question 6:

What if I don’t have a pre-need Interment plan ? How much should I prepare? 

Answer :

If you do not have a plan , rates will be based on AT-NEED Interment Fees (Click here for rates)
**Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice**

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  1. how many months is required to a public cemetery to allow us exhume the body of someone. and is it also required to finish the contract before we can transfer the body of our grandfather.

  2. Alexander Alaras Reyes

    I have a columbarium at the Aeternum .
    It was illegally transferred to 3rd party forging my signature . Ut was already in court. I wanted to remove the ashes of my wife since they only stole my place of property (Columbarium) can i get the ashes of my wife, i was advised to secure a court order by Aeternum. 09171775031

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