Article – Heritage Park: A haven for living and departed

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MANILA, Philippines – The plush Heritage Park at the Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, arguably Metro Manila’s pace-setter in the memorial service industry, endeavours to create an environment most ideal to remembering departed loved ones.

Thus, Heritage Park land owner Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) launched early this year, new products to provide a beautiful environment for memorializing departed loved ones while giving privacy to families and their visitors.

The objective is to capture the elusive tranquillity imperative to bringing back happy memories of the past to be eternally shared between the living and the dead, particularly in light of the forthcoming All Saints Day.

The reconstructed Heritage Park offers classic Asian architectural designs and beautiful gardens where one could easily get lost in his own thoughts, recalling poignant moments of days gone by.

Aside from nostalgia, Heritage Park is a place where families can enjoy pleasant landscapes, picnic grounds, fishing docks and scenic bicycle lanes for the more active souls. Photography enthusiasts have also practiced their art at the Park’s scenic vistas. A collection of beautiful photographs taken by the visitors can be found at the gallery of Heritage Park’s website.

“BCDA developed the Heritage Park as a place for both the living and the departed. It is a resting place for those who are gone, and a serene and refreshing space in the city for those they left behind,” BCDA president and chief executive officer Arnel Paciano D. Casanova said.

During Heritage Park’s relaunch earlier this year, new customer options were made available, among them include lots at the Pavilion Terraces and in Area 2 of the complex.

The Pavilion Terraces and Church Terraces open a virtual window to a panoramic view of the complex. The Heritage Park Pavilion, the centrepiece of the complex, showcases Oriental architecture, conforming to the strict requirements of Feng Shui beliefs and practices.

The Park also has a collection of impressive facilities including the Columbarium Hallways, the Pavilion’s open courtyard, large viewing chapels, a multi-purpose Tea House, picturesque gardens and water features and first-class lavatories.

 “The development of Heritage Park started with a vision to create a memorial park that is unlike no other in the country, now we are not sitting on our laurels and are continuously improving the services,” Casanova said.

The lot sizes range from headstone lawn to family garden or companion garden lots. There are also jumbo estates, premium private estate and private estates.

The Heritage Park is located in Fort Bonifacio, just 15 minutes away from the Makati Central Business District. It is accessible via C5 and Lawton Avenue near McKinley Hill.


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