The 3 must-have Memorial Investments

The 3 must haves Memorial Investments
The goal of this write up is to educate Filipinos on the importance of memorial investments. Here in the Philippines, mostly people avoid talking about death. Some says it’s a taboo , purchasing memorial lot might to lead to earlier death or they’ll tell you that you are planning your death. Well, I’ll tell you everybody will surely die in their own time (God’s will) – that is our final destination. The question is, if you do not plan would you think you have that enough cash to pay for a proper burial and wake if the need arises?
To help you reflect about this, do you know that you need three (3) memorial investments? These Investments are;
– Memorial Lot:  A lot where you bury the deceased.
– Mortuary Services: The funeral/Wake services
– Interment Services: The burial services
If Cremation:
– Cremation Niche
– Mortuary services
– Inurnment services
To Illustrate more, here is sample table of the difference of planned vs unplanned ;
The Heritage Park – The Fort  Bonifacio , Taguig
Planned (Term Payment)
Un-planned (Spot-Cash)
Memorial Lot – Regular Lawn lot (can accommodate 2 full bodies or 8 cremains or bones )
30% downpayment / balance Php6,431.25/ in 12 mos + transfer fees Php 1,500.00
Php 95,000.00 + transfer fees Php 1,500.00
Mortuary Services
Php4,956.90/in 60 mos
Php 230,000.00
Interment Service
Php2,379.31/in 60 mos
(for 2 full bodies)
(for 1 full body)

If you think about it, it seems that if you sum it all up  At-need price is much cheaper than pre-need plan but the catch is – the price will surely change upon the time of need. The example is the current price this 2015, 6 months from now or years from now, services or price will surely increase. However, if you purchased now , 10 years from now all the services stipulated on the contract will be given , regardless of price increase of the services – that’s why we called it investment on the first place.
If you have the money, memorial lots are also a great property investment. A parcel of lot has high appraisal value. A lot that was bought year 2012 at Php75,000 values Php95,000 to this day, it earns 26.66%  – more than a bank can offer within just a short period of time which is also true to pre-need plans.
More and more Filipino families are now practically investing to memorial lots and plans either for personal or for business purpose. – Securing their Family and Securing their Future.

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